About The Senior Pastor – Dr. John Ringgold

Dr_John_W_RinggoldDr. John Ringgold is senior pastor of Bethel Church of San Diego, California since 1979. Bethel is a missions focused, education centered, bible and training church, with a family spirit and is engaged in developing the Bethel congregation, and its campus, as a 21st century ministry, located on six acres of prime land in southern California. He served as full time assistant to the late Dr. Charles H. Hampton, his pastor and mentor, at Bethel Church form 1973-1979.

His formal education includes B.A. in Bible, 1973; B. Th. in Theology, 1974; M. Div; and PhD, degrees in Theology and Religion, 1975-1979 from Southern California Bible College and Seminary of El Cajon, Ca. Dr. Ringgold has taught Bible, homiletics, Greek, and pastoral theology at SCBC. He has done post-doctoral studies (non-degree) at Fuller Theological Seminary and independent research in Israel.

In 1994 he received from the Lord the powerful teaching on the “Hundredfold Harvest”, a multidimensional bible truth that focuses on the four dimensions of Christian living and ministry. This teaching challenges believers to seek the fullness of God and Christ, and to reap the world-wide harvest of souls. He is the author of the “Hundredfold Harvest” study program and has also authored eleven other books and manuals.

With an apostolic anointing, he travels throughout the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, leading souls to Christ, strengthening believers in the Faith, planting churches, establishing national centers for hundredfold living, raising up hundredfold leaders and believers throughout the Body Of Christ, and mentoring men and woman as citizens and ministers of the kingdom of God.

Dr. Ringgold has been married to the former Miss Donna L. Hubbard for thirty-five years. They are the parents of three children, John, Jacob, Jerusha, and three grandchildren, Joshua, Zion, and Zyel. Dr. Ringgold also has a daughter, Regina and two grandchildren, Troy and Diamond. They reside in San Diego, California.

His Ministry Websites:  
www.drringgold.com www.cfhlministries.com www.100fold.com